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Gel-channel Sport Bike Seats Seat Gctec Cbr6rr

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  • DS-0810-0827
The best looking, most unique custom seat you can buy, with lines and materials designed to... mehr
Produktinformationen "Gel-channel Sport Bike Seats Seat Gctec Cbr6rr"
  • The best looking, most unique custom seat you can buy, with lines and materials designed to match specific bikes
  • Performance oriented-the seats match the characteristics of the bikes they're made for
  • More comfortable than any stock seat on the market
  • Designed specifically for the rider who needs a seat that can do everything-canyon carving, track days, or commuting
  • Feature Gel Channel technology (patent pending) that incorporates a split piece of SaddleGel and a channel in the base foam to relieve pressure on the perineal area for all day riding comfort
  • Special seat cover materials allow for easy movement when riding aggressively
  • Matching pillion cover included; except Chicane
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • NOTE: Low profile seat features GC-style cover with shallow channel due to low foam/GEL height.
  • Hardline looks and contrasting colors
  • Constructed using a fine grain SaddleHyde vinyl that complements the bike's colors and textures
  • TRACK - CF
  • Combines the outstanding features of the standard TRACK seat with a high-tech, carbon fiber-look cover, center channel strip and rear seat cover
  • Black-on-black, easy-to-clean SaddleSuede material covers the entire top portion of the seat with a matching strip in center of the Gel Channel (GC)
  • Slightly bucketed in the rear section to contour to the rider's body for better control during aggressive riding
  • TECH
  • High-quality, flexible fabric top cover breathes well and its texture allows body to move on the seat for aggressive maneuvering
  • Just under the top-cover is a layer of memory foam that contours to the shape of the rider's body with additional memory foam in areas strategically positioned for maximum comfort
  • No-nonsense seats with a gripper cover and firm progressive density foam that's ideal for track-day and racing use
  • Perfect for improving the ride or appearance of a bike, these seats are also the ideal solution for riders who simply need a quality seat at a value price
  • NOTE: Does not include pillion cover

MarkeModellNameTypLandBaujahrHersteller Nr.
HONDA CBR 600 RR PC40 AMERICA 2007 - 2017 0810-0827
HONDA CBR 600 RR PC40 EUROPE 2007 - 2016 0810-0827
HONDA CBR 600 RR ABS PC40 AMERICA 2009 - 2017 0810-0827
HONDA CBR 600 RR ABS PC40 EUROPE 2009 - 2016 0810-0827

Katalog: Drag Streetbook 2014
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